Sunday, 18 October 2015

1955 - Beginning of a New Era

1955 - A Great Year!

Those who believe in numerology, please help me decode the significance of the number 1955. Was this the year when the Gods suddenly woke up to gift us three gentlemen who will redefine the way the world works, connects and lives. 
 - Bill Gates - Oct 28, 1955
 - Eric Schmidt - Apr 27, 1955
 - Steve Jobs - Feb 24, 1955 
Three such talents within a span of 8 months. Here's my story on what/ how/ why/ where of these:

Lets go back to first half of 20th century. Two world wars, severe worldwide economic slowdown, ongoing freedom struggles - As the CEO of earth, these would have been real challenging times for Gods. I am sure Gods would have had marathon meetings to manage the next phase of scaling up of their own creation. And the action points were these three gentlemen who will provide Gods with:

- Super Powers: World has grown at a faster and smarter pace that Gods had ever imagined. And they now needed super power operating systems to help them manage what they created. So, he designed BILL GATES
- Hunt Information: 7 billion creatures thinking - that's a lot. How do Gods access this information. Need a search engine and here comes Eric - GOOGLE
To put these two on the check, Give the world a charismatic magician - who drives inspiration globally .That's STEVE JOBS

Dear God,

You have been kind enough to Americas by blessing it with three greatest business beings in 1955. I, would now request you to adopt some diversification in you action plan, and fit other geographies in your plan by blessing them with such stalwarts who can cruise their way to victory. Some MBAs on earth also call it INCLUSION.

Yours Sincerely


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